24.04.2009 – Swings

April 25, 2009

Warm up

Swings 15 min 45/30 16 kg. Mix one-handed and two-handed swings.

– Concentrated more on using glutes: Relying too much on the lower back musculature.



April 25, 2009

Kettllebell pressups 3 x 6.

Kettlebell rows 3 x 8, 16 kg.

Play time:

Windmills 2/2 16 kg.

Side press 2/2 16 kg.

The return of the progam minimum:

Warm up

One-handed swings: 15 min, 16 kg, 30/30.  Roughly 250 reps.

Kettllebell pressups 3 x 6.

The return of the kettlebell

February 24, 2009

Over the course of the last six months my wife has been having great success with kettlebells. She’s not the type to go all-out. Instead she has gradually increased both her training time, intensity and weight, focusing on swings.

With great results.

The form of her legs, shoulders and abdomen have gradually changed and her fitness and strength have improved. Although she probably hasn’t lost any weight, that was never a problem. Rather she is more interested in fat loss and improving her overall bodily shape. This is where the kettlebell training has paid off.

As for me, after being sick throughout December and the long, dragging  recovery in the last eight weeks I finally felt up to training again last week.

Unfortunately I only have my 24 kg kettlebell and my wife’s 8 and 12 kg kettlebells here in our appartment. So I wisely chose to start regaining my lost conditioning by beginning with swings using the 24 kg kettlebell.


When you have fluid in your lungs you sound like a coffee machine sucking down the last despairing dregs of water. Fortunately I stopped sounding like said coffee machine after a few minutes and the state of my chest has been improving ever since. Given the damaged state of my hands and shoulder thanks to my brilliant renovation work, presses and a lot of other kettlebell work are a no go. So I’m restricting myself to pressups on the kettlebells, two-handed swings, squats and later stretches and joint mobility.

Thursday 19.02.2009

Swings , 24 kg, 10 minutes.  Pressups on kettlebells, 3 x 8.


Swings 24 kg, 6 minutes, 12 kg 10 minutes. Pressups on kettlebells 4 x 8. Feeling much better.

Looking forward to tonight’s training. Good to feel like something other than wrung out and beaten with a blunt object. The battle has been joined.

Today I discovered the subtlety of the snatch. This is an exercise which is going to fascinate me for years to come:

It combines the squat, hip-thrust and tension techniques of the swing. Then there’s grunt of the high raise, whilst “taming the arc” to prevent the kettlebell from sailing out in front of your and jerking you off balance. Then at shoulder height there’s the punch movement to bring the kettlebell over your hand without it smacking into your wrist. Then the full-body tension at the top. Then the drop and the swing back between your legs with a fully extended elbow.

And then there’s the timing, coordinating this all so that it flows.

Snatches are simply awesome and I think that this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Ahh the day of the Turkish Get-Up, how I love thee.

TGU 5 x 16kg LA / RA. Performed veeeeery slowly and precisely. Hard work. On my left side I can essentially stop at any point during the movement and hold the position. The right side is significantly less pretty. That will change.


Snatch 16kg 6 RA/LA, 8 RA/LA, 12 RA/LA, 16 RA, 12 LA. Stopped before I dropped the damned kettlebell on head. Hard work. Damn anyone who does more than 200 snatches in 10 minutes with a 24 kg kettlebell is a hero in my book.

Negative pullups.

Found myself going through kitchen to avoid the lounge door & pullup bar. May need another pullup bar. Or change the GTG rules: Every time I get close to the pullup bar I have to try one out. Heh.

Pull-up bar arrived. Assembled pull-up bar in the door to the lounge. Wife is going to have a fit.

GTG Negative chins whenever I go through the doors.
Occasionally try a pull-up. PR: Made it 3/4 of the way up.

C&P 25kg 4x LA & 4x RA
Overhead walk 24 kg.

Swings 16 kg 14 mins or so. Only 150 reps. Outside under hot sun.

Get-ups 16 kg 1x LA / 2x RA

Played with snatches for a few mins.